Instant Home Remedies to Cut Fat

Home remedies to lose fat

Need instant home remedies to cut fat? Individuals tend to accumulate fat at unwanted places like belly, thighs, arms, and chin primarily due to overeating and not exercising adequately. Putting on weight is easy but to shed the stubborn fat is highly challenging. Plus, people do not have the time and patience to follow a complete diet plan with calorie-burning exercises.

They need a direct solution, preferably home based remedies to melt the adamant fat. And our loving Mother Nature has been gracious enough to bestow us with those ingredients that aid in cutting fat and restoring the imbalances caused by it. So, what are these home remedies that possess the potential to reduce fat from our body at a faster rate? Let us read further to find out.



Ginger always tops the list in the category of natural home remedies that aid in torching stubborn fat. It is a natural appetite suppressant which is an excellent way to lose body weight.

Ginger is zero-calorie and when added to daily meals and curries or brewing tea can produce mammoth results in cutting fat. It is because ginger is a thermogenic food. It raises the temperature of the body and helps to increase metabolism so that you can burn excess fat instantly.

Ginger also has an overwhelming effect on cholesterol levels that are the attributes of an obese individual. Ginger also helps to reduce blood pressure as it acts as a blood thinner.

Chewing raw ginger after a heavy meal activates the digestive system and hence reduces fat accumulation.

Lemon and Honey


A concoction of lukewarm water with honey, taken on an empty stomach at morning helps to flush out toxins from the body. It is a simple yet a very compelling solution for cutting fat. Just squeeze half of a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water.

Add one teaspoon of honey, and your magic potion is ready for consumption.

The mixture acts a cleansing agent and detoxifies your body by clearing the bowels.

Boiled Apples


Boiled apples wash out the excess fat from the system. The pulp of the apple contains Pectin, which is high in fibre and regulates bowel movement. It also relieves constipation and reduces inflammation associated with diarrhoea. Both raw and boiled apples are healthy and are useful in treating irritable bowel disorder.

You can also have slices of apples with a dash of lime on it. Not only does it taste heavenly but also assist in cutting fat exponentially.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

It is firmly believed that Apple cider vinegar contains nutrients, enzymes and organic acid that act as a suppressant, by increasing the body’s metabolic rate and reducing water retention thereby keeping you fit and healthy.

However, many individuals do not like the pungent taste of apple cider vinegar. You can enhance the flavour of the drink by using fruit or vegetable juice instead of plain water.



Our humble kitchen ingredient-Cumin or Jeera is an enormous fat cutter. It aids in digestion and prevents flatulence. Jeera can be consumed in the following manner to aid in fat reduction.

  • Roast some jeera in a pan on a low flame till it produces a slight aroma. Be careful not to burn it. Store it in an air-tight jar and slowly chew a teaspoon daily before your main meals. This remedy is a guaranteed formula for curing indigestion, acidity and torching belly fat. It is simple to make and produces maximum result instantly.
  • Another easy remedy is to boil a tablespoon of jeera in a tall glass of water. Allow the drink to cool and store it in a container or a bottle. The solution is incredibly useful to release digestive juices essential for breaking down complex components and aid in fat reduction.

Yastimadhu or Mulethi


Another herb from nature’s basket that facilitates fat incision is Yastimadhu or Liquorice. It is commonly known as Mulethi and is renowned for treating respiratory disorders. However many are not aware of its cooling properties that assist in reducing fat.

The root of this herb is loaded with medicinal values. The root extracts are used to treat digestive and intestinal discomforts such as indigestion, gastric-ulcers, bloating and flatulence. The root must be chewed slowly to derive maximum utility. Simmering few roots of Mulethi in your tea or plain water can accelerate burning of fat in the body. Likewise chewing candies containing Liquorice is also a good option. It is readily available and can be popped after every meal.

Black Pepper


The chemical, piperine found in black pepper helps to disintegrate cells full of fat. It also prevents fat build-up in the blood. A teaspoon of black pepper has only eight calories but provides abundant flavours. It is an excellent low-cal substitute for sauces and marinades.

Sprinkling finely coarse pepper powder with a squeeze of lemon juice on chicken breast, chicken burritos, egg sandwiches, Frankies, grilled vegetables, shawarmas, pasta, boiled potatoes, and salads saves you approximately 60 calories compared to 2 tablespoon mayonnaise dressing. A concoction of lime juice and pepper can be used as a substitute for tartar sauce to flavour grilled chicken and fish. A dash of pepper on fresh fruit juices not only enhances the flavour but also aids in burning fat.

Drink lots of Water


The good old H20 has zero calories and helps to flush out all roughage from the body. It keeps body cells hydrated and increases the metabolism to burn fat rapidly. A glass of water before meals keeps you satisfied for a long time and prevents you from over-eating.

A warm glass of water after heavy meals activates the digestion enzymes and helps to of flush out toxins from the body efficiently.  One must drink at least 2-3 litre of water every day for overall wellness of the body.

Remember you can cut fat with the food mentioned above but only if it is accompanied by a well-planned exercise regime. Hope this blog is useful to all those who wish to burn fat instantly using home remedies.

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