Cut Fat to Welcome the New Year


The year is coming to a close, and all are in the mood to fit into their favourite outfits, look slim and gorgeous and welcome the New Year with poise. However, a lot of fat is accumulated throughout the year in unwanted places and needs to be cut as soon as possible.  So, how to trim the fat?

The best methodology is to combine a healthy diet plan and a good quality fitness regime.  Here are a few guidelines that will help you to cut fat and get into form in the shortest time possible.


Intake of carbohydrates:

The first issue that needs to be talked about is the intake of carbs in your diet. Make sure that the carbs you consume will slowly release energy thus decreasing the chance of fat storage. They also provide vital nutrients when your body is reeling from a calorie-reduced diet. Ensure your diet comprises the following:

  • Oats
  • Yam
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Multi-grain or Whole Wheat Bread.

Also, fruits should be a part of your diet to enrich your body with fibre and essential minerals. Fruits like apples, melons, guavas, and bananas are loaded with fibre and keep your digestive tract healthy.

The timing of Carbs Intake:

The appropriate time to consume carbs is indispensable. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy that acts as fuel for your body. However, consuming foods which are rich in carbs and sitting like a couch potato is an open invitation to store fat. The timing of your carb intake is crucial for cutting fat. Preferably have a carb-rich diet when you are going to be the most active and are likely to consume the energy they produce.


Morning hours are the best time to consume foods that are loaded with carbs. It is the time when the body needs to energize for performing various activities throughout the day. That implies that the first meal of your day, breakfast is the best option to incorporate carbs. Include oats idlis, apples, ragi roti and whole grain crackers in your daily breakfast intake for optimum results.

Later in the evening when the metabolism slows down, focus on veggies to reduce the total number of grams.

Intake of Protein:

The next essential component that needs to consider is, how much protein should be included? While cutting fat, care should be taken that protein does not become the source of energy or else you could lose muscle tissue.

Proteins for fat cutting

It is recommended to munch lean protein at every meal to keep your sugar levels in check. Cottage cheese and egg white is the most excellent alternative that must be adopted. Casein protein in protein supplements is also a healthy choice.

Intake of Dietary Fat:

The last but the most significant element that cannot be ignored is dietary fat. You may be working hard to cut fat, but that is not in the best interest of the body. There are fats in the body that are good and bad that needs to be acknowledged.


Good fat is imperative to maintain the smooth functioning of the immune system, vital organs, promote healthy cholesterol and enhance the beauty of hair and the skin. Fat is also required to regulate insulin levels in the body. Some amount of fat is mandatory to keep you satiated after a meal, particularly if you have consumed only proteins and carbohydrates.

The first three meals of the day- breakfast, mid-morning snack and lunch can be a healthy combination of carbs and proteins.  The evening schedule can comprise of one protein and fat in any one meal.

Tricky diet once a week:

Often when you follow a strict low-calorie diet, cravings for food, high in carbohydrates and fats intensifies. You are faced with the dilemma whether to continue dieting or cheat once a while.


It does make sense to opt for ‘cheat meal’ once a week to cross the psychological barrier. It will keep the mind content and motivate further to stick to your original diet chart. Depriving your body of comfort food will only lead to frustration, and you might leave the diet plan midway.

The mantra-Diet is the King:

Exercising torches fat exponentially, there is no second thought about it. However, the most critical element of cutting fat is a smart diet. You can exercise throughout the day, but after an intense workout if you gorge on cheesy pizzas and deep fried, oily stuff, then losing weight is a distant dream. The initiative should be to consume fewer calories than to burn to cut fat.

Hope you welcome the New Year with vigour and vitality and this blog motivates you to take up the challenge to cut body fat.

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